Solo & duos

Accordone gives concerts in all kinds of settings, going from solo and duos….

Solo organ

Exploring Bach’s masterworks
Music by Johann Sebastian Bach

Guido Morini organ
The organ’s soul
Music by J.P. Sweelinck, G. Frescobaldi, J. Pachelbel, J.S. Bach, C. Franck

Guido Morini organ

Solo harpsichord

Northern poliphony between XVII and XVIII
Music by W.Bird, J. Bull, J.P. Sweeelinck, J.S. Bach

Guido Morini harpsichord

Music by J. Bull, J.P. Sweelinck, G. Frescobaldi, F. Couperin, J.S. Bach

Guido Morini harpsichord

Starting from an early language and early musical forms, Guido Morini presents a concert
that is totally improvised and therefore different and very personal each time. An unpredictable programme, inspired by the mood of the moment.

Guido Morini harpsichord


or the Sun Path
Dedicated to the twelve signs of the zodiac, an astral-map of human passions through the music of twelve baroque composers
Music by Johann Sebastian Bach

Enrico Gatti violin, Guido Morini harpsichord

Baroque sonatas for violin and harpsichord
Exploring different kinds of spirit in music from Biber to Bach, through brilliant Vivaldi and virtuoso Veracini
Music by H.I. F. von Biber, A.Vivaldi, F.M. Veracini, J.S.Bach

Rossella Croce violin, Guido Morini harpsichord
The spirit of 18th century
Guido Morini and Rossella Croce explore the musical world of these two “giants” of 18th century music.
Music by A. Corelli and J.S. Bach

Rossella Croce violin, Guido Morini harpsichord
Guido Morini together with Laura Pontecorvo on a musical journey in Europe during the 18th century
Music by A.Corelli, J. Hotteterre, G.F. Haendel, J.S. Bach,
C.Ph.E. Bach

Laura Pontecorvo flute, Guido Morini harpsichord


C.P.E. Bach: the musical heritage of the Baroque era
Music by C.P.E. Bach

Guido Morini harpsichord, Laura Pontecorvo traverso, Elisa Citterio viola